Compagnie des Tabacs Comme il Faut is an international tobacco manufacturer operating in Port-au-Prince, Haiti as a market leader. We produce the top selling brand in Haiti “Comme Il Faut” and supply our international clientele with blend processed tobacco, or “cut rag”.

Incorporated on April 23rd, 1927 in Louisville, Kentucky, Compagnie des Tabacs Comme Il Faut, also known as “Comme Il Faut”, obtained official permission to operate in Haiti on July 7th, 1927. Since then, Comme Il Faut remains one of the premier companies in Haiti and is now a part of the country’s national heritage

Employees of Comme Il Faut feel a special bond with the company, given that the working relationship favors friendly and cordial bonds between the various branches of the company.

Comme Il Faut is committed to maintaining its policy on corporate social responsibility as a good corporate citizen, by providing support to the communities in which we live and operate, particularly to those in need.