1. We are an operating entity in Haiti utilizing Haitian resources in compliance with governing policies.
  2. We are commercial / business leaders dedicated to providing our customers with quality goods and desirable services.
  3. Our standards of quality must exceed the expectations of our customers.
  4. We strive to provide a fair return to our shareholders.
  5. We operate and participate in market with the expectation of establishing and maintaining long term relationships.
  6. We strive to provide meaningful and rewarding careers for our employees.
  7. We owe our customers and our communities the best possible service!
  8. We will protect our assets to insure our long term success.


  1. Our actions, words and deeds have a profound effect on our customer, suppliers and fellow employees. Everything we do must take into account their best interest.
  2. Our success depends on our ability to deliver the highest quality product and service to our customers that is not available elsewhere and makes them desire to do business with us again.
  3. Our employees have the opportunity to reach their maximum level of ability and are compensated fairly based upon the merits of their performance.
  4. We strive to provide a safe, clean and pleasant atmosphere for our employees.
  5. Our success depends on our creativity, ingenuity, diversity and resourcefulness of our employees.
  6. We support the communities in which we live and operate; we strive to be a responsible, corporate citizen.