Initiated by Jean-Dany Pierre-François, Vice-President of Public Relations at the Company, “Coupe Comme Il Faut” is a corporate soccer tournament that has been quite successful ever since it started in 2000. It continues to be the symbol of unity between our employees and the participating Haitian businesses. All the teams are comprised of employees of participating companies, who become their ambassadors on each day of the tournament.

Our soccer field, named “Parc Jan Van Doorn” in honor of one of the company’s presidents, has witnessed many of these soccer tournaments that aim at reinforcing the ties among participating businesses for a better entrepreneurial climate. With a dynamic committee, consisting of Company employees, the organization of this event is a reflection of our desire to satisfy our guests in the same manner that we have been satisfying our consumers since 1927. The entire community is concerned with this event whose magnitude and notoriety have been established. A strong economic activity takes place in the vicinity of our compound on the game days, and the Haitian culture is expressed through the shows of many young talents who take advantage of this open space to blossom.

Fourteen years later, Coupe CIF has established itself as one of the most popular events in the community.