A new primary enables us to deliver a complete range of products that meet our customers’ requirements; we are flexible enough to offer smaller, single container shipments, yet powerful enough to supply larger shipments.

High quality cured leaf is shipped to our processing plant where it undergoes a customer specified conditioning process. Our state of the art cutting, expansion and drying processes ensure that the highest quality and best yields are achieved.

Robust Burley, flavorful Virginia and aromatic Oriental quality tobaccos are precisely cut and blended according to your market specifications. These brand recipes include ingredients and flavors that are added to the tobacco to give each blend its unique characteristics. In addition to mechanical, electronic monitoring and inspection systems, we also employ trained workers to visually inspect and monitor the quality of the product at every stage of the process.

Finally, an additional top flavor may be applied to the cut tobacco to give the particular filler its own desired aroma. Then, the final product is packaged, ID-tagged, weighed and prepared for delivery to your chosen destination. The completed process is digitally monitored and controlled from start to finish.

Our production and quality expertise is matched by a management and customer approach that is based on maintaining excellent business relationships and fully meeting requirements in terms of timing, quality and cost.

Our commitment to our customers is based on providing the highest quality tobacco products in the world.